Zero Cost For Vendors

Making Delicious Food Has its' Costs,

Selling it Should Not

Register your Business in
3 Easy Steps

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Login in Via Google on the NomStreet Application On your Phone

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Click on Register Vendors to Set up Your Profile and Link Square Account

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Once You are Approved, You can Start Accepting Orders Via NomStreet at Zero Cost


Is it really free?

Yes, Nomstreet does not charge the restaurant any fees to use the platform. We charge the customer a flat rate of $0.99 per order which will be seen on your Square application or POS as `NomStreet Service Fee`.

* You will continue to see normal Square fees applied to the order as with any order.

How does NomStreet get access to my menu?

During the registration process, we will ack you to authorize Nomstreet to gain access to your Square account. NomeStreet will then be able to access your menu items and any changes you make on your Square application or POS will be reflected in the NomStreet.

Where will I see my orders?

Orders will be seen on your Square application or POS System on the `Orders` tab. Orders originating from NomStreet will have `via NomStreet` indicated under `Order Source`.

* Make sure to turn on order notifications on your POS device so you don't miss any online orders, the Square application or POS system can also be setup to print the order on receipt.

I dont use Square, now what?

Currently NomStreet only integrates with Square however we plan on expanding to other POS systems in the near future.

In the short term, you can sign up for a Free Square account to get started, you can access all their features via their application without the need of a physical POS system.

* If you need help setting up your Square account/Menu reach out to and we would be happy to assist you.

Can I have multiple restaurants under the same account?

Yes NomStreet lets you have multiple Store fronts which can either be connected to a single square account or multiple.

* Make sure to have the correct 'Square Location' selected on NomStreet so that orders are sent to the correct restaurant.

How can I delete my account and data from NomStreet?

Your privacy and security is our highest priority, however if you find you want to delete your storefront from NomStreet, you access the Vendor Profile screen in the mobile application and click on 'Delete Profile'.

In doing so, we will delete your vendor profile and also remove NomStreet access to your Square account.

How will I know when a customer has ordered via NomStreet?

You will see all orders under the 'Orders' tabe on your Square application or POS.

* Orders originating from Nomstreet will read 'via NomStreet' under the 'Order Source' column.

How do I stop accepting orders on the platform?

You can access your Vendor Profile on the mobile application where you can indicate wheather you are accpeting online orders or not.

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